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Forget Sausages, Try Steak

Stefano explores the merits of an unusual, less fashionable cut of steak…

Forget sausages, I’m on steak week…

My latest is a suggestion from our newest butchery team member, Paul, who was also a chef for several years… A flat iron steak! This is a great value, juicy, muscular steak in the bistro tradition, originating from the shoulder of the animal.

As told, I doused it in salt and pepper, turned it regularly on a piping hot pan and served it with a caper butter & gem salad dressed with an English mustard vinaigrette. So simple and so delicious.

I loved it! The steak was so juicy… You need to work it in the mouth, not too much, but enough to know you’re eating beef, and the flavour was very good.

Best enjoyed with a condiment as it has no fat, I chose a caper butter and it worked a treat with the gem salad.

Next up is a Club Steak that our butchers have put aside for me, cut from the Hereford beef just delivered from Romshed Farm, pasture-fed and weighed down with rich fat!

I’ll let you know how it goes… British Sausage Week? I’m on steak week!

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