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Finn Dunlop

Our General Manager and sometime Tasmanian devil.

Originally coming to Macknade as a raving food fanatic and regular customer, I joined the team as the GM in 2013. I started my career at the Savoy Group on their management training scheme (including a year spent in the kitchen at Claridges!) before working overseas in Europe for many years, spending a lot of time in the French Alps, as well as Portugal and Spain, followed by a couple of years in Brussels.  Having also lived and worked in Yorkshire for a number of years I’ve always gained great pleasure from the gastronomic influences of all these areas.

Being exposed to fantastic food from a young age, a perfect afternoon would be spent pottering in the kitchen, playing with a recipe and tailoring it in my own special way (or unnecessarily complicating it as my wife would say!).  Despite being married to Marina, an amazing cook, our two children seem most interested in baked beans and toast!

The top five ingredients on my Macknade shopping list are...

Finocchiona – Never found anywhere other than Macknade, this is a wonderful salami flavoured with fennel, which I often supply to my mother in Somerset now that she has discovered it.

Pumpkin Seed Oil – An incredible flavour… This stems from my time at Claridges where it was the star performer in their house dressing.

Peters Yard Crackers – So crisp and an essential for any cheeseboard.

Beaufort – Having spent four years living in the Tarentaise area of the Alps (where this is made!) this hard mountain cheese has a special place in my heart. Try comparing the summer cheese, from cows feeding on the mountain grass, to the winter cheese made from cows fed on silage.

Pound Bag of Tomatoes – I get withdrawal symptoms without my daily dose of tomatoes, which I love in just about anything and in any form.

An interesting fact about myself is...

I only discovered fishfingers when I was ten. Up until then they were known to me as crunchie munchies, as I refused to eat anything associated with fish.

My last meal would be...

French onion soup, steak and chips and sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream.

My food hero is...

My mother.

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