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Faversham… A Food Lovers Paradise

A few words from our MD, Stefano, on why we love calling Faversham home…

As another fantastic Faversham Food Festival passes it brings home how lucky I am, as a glutton, to live here in the heart of the Garden of England.

I don’t know whether the enjoyment of good food is nurture or nature, my experience tells me a good dose of both, but you can’t grow up in this corner of Kent and not be touched by the quality and variety of the food and drink produced here.

Growing up on a farm that touched the edges of Faversham meant… plucking apples fresh from the tree, ‘picnicing’ in Paradise (our old cherry orchard named for the ‘heavenly’, spring explosion of blossom covering the huge trees) inhaling the deep, soothing warmth of drying hops and enjoying breakfast sausages with my grandparents, cycled up from Barkaways (my granny bought from Ospringe, whilst my mother thought West Street’s were best!!).

And whilst time moves on, and some of the growers and producers with it (we no longer farm and the Boutilliers brewery now fills our HopShed, a café our Oast…) Faversham as a market town of excellence has not changed.

Week in, week out the town draws in foodies from near and far as they hunt out the best produce from the area, and further afield, in the stalls, shops and eateries of the town, and whilst the food festival occurs but once a year, it is clear that there are few places where food, drink and the artisans that shape it are so intertwined with the daily pulse of life as it is in Faversham, the ‘Market Town of Kings’.



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