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Farmer Guy

Free range Kentish hams – cured the right way.

Farmer Guy has been selling hams since the early seventies and deals in old-fashioned country hams, cured in the traditional way. The hams come in a variety of styles, all of which use special recipes that have been in the Farmer Guy family for the past four generations. Ingredients used include the finest sea salt from Essex along with Bramley apples from local orchards and honey from Kentish bees.

Whilst a family tradition in farming goes back several generations, the Farmer Guy ham business came about after a chance conversation with a publican whose ham sandwiches left a great deal to be desired. This identified a niche where it was difficult for caterers to source consistently good British produce from local food producers. Farmer Guy took time to sample home smoking techniques, trained for catering requirements and now supplies hams to restaurants, pubs and retail outlets across Britain.

Quality is cited as a key factor in the Farmer Guy business and you can tell from their products. Farmer Guy’s hams are unrivalled in their taste, which is in part down to the happy pigs that roam freely on the farm. The farm, which is located at Upstreet near Canterbury, also supplies us with what we think are some of the best onions in Kent.

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