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Emma Harrington Frost

Great food & drink is in Emma – our Finance Manager’s – blood!

Before I joined Macknade Fine Foods I helped manage my parents’ delicatessen and coffee shop on the West Coast of Scotland. It was there I developed a love for great cheese, olives and antipasti and an interest in the provenance of good food.

After having our first child my husband Rob and I decided to move back to England to be closer to the action (and some friends and family!) and as I went to university in Canterbury, Kent seemed the obvious choice for us.

Our most pressing concern on our arrival in Kent was the nearest good delicatessen and so our affection for Macknade Fine Foods was born. Later when the role of Finance Manager came up at Macknade, I jumped at the opportunity and submitted my CV.

The top five ingredients on my Macknade shopping list are...

Vegetarian Haggis – A haggis is for life, not just for Burns’ night!

Manchego Cheese – My husband loves it.

Braeburn Apples – Ever since my last pregnancy I have craved Braeburn apples – I have tried many others, but none have come close.

Maneresi Decaff Coffee

Sourdough Bread

An interesting fact about myself is...

I grew up in Alderney in the Channel Islands – where the amazing bright yellow butter is churned.

My last meal would be...

My last meal would be a traditional prawn cocktail starter with iceberg lettuce, my Mum’s homemade prawn curry and a sticky toffee pudding with double cream.

My food hero is...

Delia Smith (lets be avin’ ya).

Recipes I want to share...

Easy lentil dhal


500g red split lentils

Yellow pepper

Red pepper

Large brown onion

Clove or two of garlic

Tin of chopped tomatoes


Cayenne pepper

Black pepper and a pinch of salt


Soften the onion in oil with chopped or crushed garlic. Add the peppers and cook gently until they are soft.

Meanwhile gently boil up the lentils, but don’t overcook. Add the tomatoes and lentils to the onions and peppers and season to taste. Allow to simmer while the lentils soften.

Serve with long grain rice and naan bread or crusty garlic bread.

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