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Deersbrook Farm

100% pasture-fed beef from a family farm in Essex.

We love our 100% pasture fed beef from Deersbrook Farm in Essex!

The family farm their Native Sussex cattle the traditional way… grazing out on the meadows all year round… resulting in beef that is a deep plum red with creamy coloured fat.

The farm has been passed down through the generations (third generation now, with the fourth growing fast!) and prides itself on being the first Essex farm to be certified by the Pasture for Life Association (PFLA).

The Pasture for Life movement brings together British farmers who are dedicated to only feeding their animals on a natural diet of grasses, wildflowers & herbs. The network of farmers producing pastured fed meat is growing fast & so is the number of retailers & butchers like us who are looking to promote it.

Check with our butchers as to when our Deersbrook beef is available! Find out more information on the PFLA here.

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