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Daniel White

Welcome to the September issue of our Meet The Expert feature. 

This month, we’d like to introduce you to our resident fruit & veg guru, Daniel White…..

Hi everyone!  I’m Daniel, and I’m the Greengrocer Buyer for Macknade. Based at our Faversham Food Hall, I’ve worked at Macknade for 13 years.

About Me

I’m a sports fan!  Growing up, I used to play football and other games most days after school and I’ve always been interested in how the body works. I studied Sport and Biology for A Levels and continued this at University, where I gained a degree in Sport and Exercise Science.  I also managed to find the time to complete my level 2 Gym Instructor course too.

Whilst I don’t play football so much anymore, I have continued my passion for Karate and I’m currently a 3rd Dan Black Belt!  There’s probably a joke to be had about chopping veg here somewhere….

From Shop Floor To Greengrocery Guru

I started out by working one day a week, manning the tills on the shop floor and my fruit and veg knowledge was very limited.  However, I quickly had to learn all the different products and prices because we only had manual tills at the time and I had to keep up with the every changing greengrocery prices.

Occasionally, I covered some shifts within the greengrocery department and when the opportunity came up to work in the stores with Renato Cuomo, I jumped at the chance.  Renato built this company with his wife Patricia, so I made sure I absorbed any advice and knowledge I could from him.

The moment I started doing the market runs with him, that was it.  I was hooked!  Not only was the market hectic and fast paced, it was filled with produce that I’d never seen before – it blew my mind!

My Top Tips

Try to buy the local produce in store.  September will see a huge variety of lovely local produce hitting our shelves and, as it hasn’t had to travel far, it will all be in tip top condition!

We have great relationships with our local suppliers and growers, so don’t be afraid to ask us if you want to know more about where our produce has come from.  We’ll even be happy to share our top tips for preparing and cooking it.

My Seasonal Best - September

There’s a lot going on in the world of greengrocery this month and you’ll find that a large amount of the produce comes from right here in Kent.  Apples have just started to come through and new varieties will be coming in thick and fast!  I love an apple, they’re all slightly different in texture and taste, so there’s usually something to please everyone – how do you like them apples?!

My Favourite Mid Week Meal

You can’t beat a good, honest cottage pie!

Chop up all your veggies, grab some beautiful mince from our Butchery Team and don’t forget a good slosh of lovely, home made gravy.

Once you’ve cooked them off in a pan, transfer to an oven proof dish with a generous topping of creamy mash and cook in the oven.

It’s absolutely beautiful with nice, golden, crispy peaks on the mash. A perfect dinner to share with the family, as the night’s start drawing in.

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