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We had a chat to Angela, owner of Canteen, about her Canterbury café and why she chose Macknade as her wholesale supplier…

Tell us a bit about your business.

Canteen is a small independent café down Sun Street, very near to Canterbury cathedral, in a very wonky old building! We serve all sorts of breakfast and lunch time goodies as well as smoothies & milkshakes.

How would you describe your café's style of food?

We like to cater for all sorts of diets. We get a lot of vegetarians and vegans coming in and we also do gluten free food too. The main things we make are deli filled flat breads and lunch type items, so toasties and salads. These are all freshly made to order, none of it’s made in advance.

We also have specials which include a hot dish and soup each day, these all tend to be vegetarian or vegan. If you’re looking for something less healthy, we also offer cream teas!

What is important to you when sourcing produce for the café?

As we use lots of fresh veggies, the produce needs to be fresh, really good quality and, of course, at the right price.

How long have you been a wholesale customer at Macknade Fine Foods?

For 2 years now. We were originally using someone else when we opened in March 2015, but moved over to Macknade in May that year!

How did you hear about Macknade as a wholesale supplier?

My daughter actually works for Macknade! I knew Macknade Fine Foods as a shop, and went there frequently, however I didn’t know about the wholesale department until she told me!

What’s your favourite season of produce?

Probably summer because of the local strawberries!

What’s your favourite local ingredient?

Asparagus, when it’s in season locally.

Anything you’d like to add?

Our deliveries from Macknade have always been on time, fairly priced and the produce is always good quality. I can’t remember a time when we’ve had to send anything back because of the quality. It’s also great to do business with another local company, which isn’t always possible due to cost and what’s available locally.

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