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Bottlebrush Ferments

Live, raw, naturally fermented foods.

Bottlebrush Ferments was founded by good friends, Ben Payne & Hesh Daud, two Australians living in London. They make small batch, hand crafted, live, probiotic rich fermented foods with high quality ingredients… and a lot of love.

The ferments are incredibly healthy, very tasty and extremely versatile, instantly improving the health and flavour profile of any dish. So far, the range includes The Yellow One (made with sweet pineapple), The Purple One (the Bottlebrush take on kimchi) and The Red One (a fiery version of the purple).

The team at Bottlebrush have a passion for health & a passion for great tasting food and believe that the two can go hand in hand.

Ben, a trainer & health coach, knows how important good gut health is. When we asked him why Bottlebrush was started, he said, “I’m coming at this from a health angle. True health starts in the gut & by including some of our fermented foods in your daily diet, you are instantly improving your gut health & all round well being.”

Hesh is the other half of the duo behind Bottlebrush Ferments and is also a chef. He said, “For me, taste comes first. I’m definitely interested in the health benefits, but I love the unique combination of flavours & textures & how our ferments pair well with many different foods.”

Each of the products are unique and the ingredients have been carefully chosen for their individual taste, texture and health benefits.

We love them all!

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