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Cheesemakers of Canterbury Visit

We spent the day with The Cheesemaker’s of Canterbury to see what it’s all about!

I joined Mica, one of our dedicated deli team members, on a trip to The Cheesemakers of Canterbury in Dargate, Kent, to help (or hinder) with their cheese making process!

You can’t miss Cheesemaker’s base camp, at the end of a picturesque road bordered with fields, with the front plastered with cow print and a huge Ashmore cheese sign.

First things first, we donned flattering (not) blue hair nets, changed into wellies and put on our cheesemonger lab coats! The whole cheese making process took place in one room, which was where we spent most of the day, and where we were greeted by George (who knows absolutely everything about making cheese and very kindly shared his knowledge with us).

Throughout the day we helped make the Canterbury Cobble and the classic Ashmore cheese, both of which had a very similar process, however the Cobble was ready to go into moulds much sooner than the Ashmore.

We also had a tour of the maturing room, and got to ‘pollenate’ some of the cheese to help them grow their natural rinds!

We had a fantastic day with The Cheesemakers of Canterbury, made even better as it was just after their 10 Birthday! To watch us become cheese-making masters, and to hear George’s words of wisdom, check out our Youtube video of our day with The Cheesemakers of Canterbury here.

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