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Adriana Negoita

Adriana has been with us since the shop floor and now works alongside Emma in our accounts departments!

I have lived in Faversham for the last three years, but I have lived in England for more than five years, coming originally from Romania. I first worked in England as an au pair, looking after three beautiful children, but I always wanted to work in an accounts department.

I began working for Macknade in October 2012. For a year I worked on the tills at the West Street shop and was then transferred to Selling Road. Hopefully some of you still remember me and my big smile!

After some part-time accounts work, I was offered a full time position in the Macknade accounts team in July 2014 and gladly accepted it. In this time I never left Macknade… I just spend more time in the office number crunching!

The top five ingredients on my Macknade shopping list are...

Rambol Cheese with Walnuts –  This delicious soft cheese layered with crunchy walnuts is one of my favourite cheeses. I love to eat it on a plain cracker with white grapes.

Green Peppercorn Salami  – I discovered this salami when I was helping the deli team and absolutely love it.

Goupie Chilli Chocolate  – My husband loves this type of chocolate. It is not too sweet and the chilli flavour is just enough to make you want more.

Pitted Black Olives  – The big jar that we sell in Macknade is great value for money!

Sesame Snaps – A top snack for my ten minute tea breaks.

An interesting fact about myself is...

I got married last year and my husband and I organised our entire wedding ourselves – from the menu and decorations to the guests and program itself. Even though it was fun, it was hard work and I would definitely recommend having somebody doing it for you!

My last meal would be...

I have a terrible sweet tooth, so I would want cakes and chocolate with raspberries.

My food hero is...

Jamie Oliver – I started cooking more when I got married (trying to keep my husband happy!) and find Jamie Oliver’s recipes easy to follow and delicious.

Recipes I want to share...

This is a classic recipe for Romanian Meatball Soup – a sour soup flavoured with lemon or bors. My top tip… When you add the meatballs to the soup, don’t stir the soup until the meatballs have risen to the top. This way you don’t take the risk of ending up with broken meatballs!

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