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For the love of coffee

The parting words of our ex-Café Manager and coffee enthusiast George.

There is no such a thing as a normal cup of coffee and nor should there be. The work and effort that goes into making your morning kick starter or lunchtime pick me up is quite staggering.

First of all, coffee plants must be grown and tended in the right climate, in the correct soil and at the right altitude. They are also under constant attack from blight and from time to time are damaged in civil war or disagreements between drug cartels. The beans are hand-picked in a lot of cases and each variety is processed in its own way to give the distinctive flavour you expect from your favourite coffee, before it is roasted by someone well versed in the dark art of coffee roasting.

That’s not even to mention the meticulous effort and detail the person serving you puts in behind the scenes. In the Macknade Café, we introduce a new guest blend each month, with each one requiring a different weight in ground coffee per cup and a different speed at which the water runs through the machine.  These are also set for our house coffee, Manaresi, and the slightest change will leave you with a drink that simply doesn’t taste as good.

If you like your coffee to feature milk in some form or another, we also need to get the ratio and consistency just right, because what you need for a latte is very different to that of a flat white or bone-dry, extra frothy, super skinny cappuccino.

Next time you’re ordering your favourite caffeinated beverage, take a moment to think about what has really gone into that cup in front of you. Appreciate and enjoy the pomposity of the beverage because for all they say about fine wine, whisky and brandy, you can sit down and enjoy the best cup of coffee in the world and you will still have change from £10.

So, in my opinion, whilst there is no such thing as a normal cup of coffee there is such a thing as an extraordinary one.

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