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Finn’s Challenge Pt1

What was I thinking… A mid life crisis!

It has been said that I enjoy my food and am partial to the odd glass of wine… or two accompanied by a sliver of cheese …or three. Some of my colleagues might even be bold enough to suggest that I have a nose fine-tuned to sniffing out chocolate and any other treats & samples that appear regularly in the office.

It is certainly fair to say that when turning 42 years old last year, and nudging towards 15stone, I was obviously enjoying the benefits of working in a great foodie environment like Macknade far too much!

Indeed, for those that have ever watched “How to train your Dragon”, when my children started to call me “Meatlug”, you know, the big, slow and ugly (but lovable) dragon, I began to think there might be a challenge ahead!

And so it was last year, whilst sitting in front of the television on Sunday April 26th (with a bottle of wine in hand), watching footage of the catastrophic earthquake in Nepal and the highlights of the London Marathon from earlier that day, that I decided that I would do my bit, get off my behind and try & embrace a new challenge of running the 2016 London Marathon on Sunday 24th April 2016.

I already have a special place in my heart for Nepal and Oxfam, having previously fundraised for the Gurkha Welfare Trust as well as Oxfam. The Gurkhas are truly inspirational people, fiercely loyal to the UK, and fearsome warriors, yet with an incredibly warm nature and broad smile. They command my utmost respect. Knowing the great work that Oxfam is continuing to deliver to those in need of support in their homeland in the aftermath of this huge earthquake, as well as all the other lifesaving operations they carry out to fight poverty around the world, it made perfect sense that I should sign up for Oxfam.

Of course, I didn’t exactly spring into action! I applied as soon as I could but heard nothing back…for months and months to the point that I thought I had failed to get a place. I continued to enjoy my treats and without any confirmed goal to work towards, I enjoyed a relatively inactive year.

It did however sit at the back of my mind and the thought that if I did get a place, when would I need to start training! I had still heard nothing in November, at which point, I may have been guilty of secretly hoping I hadn’t got a place! With some trepidation I decided I had better call Oxfam to find out.

Call it good timing or terrible timing, but on getting through to the Oxfam running team, they confirmed that actually, no, I hadn’t won a place to run with them… However, hold on, someone had dropped out that morning, and consequently yes, a place was available!

Aaah! The wait was over and suddenly the very real prospect of running a London Marathon at 42 & overweight was in front of me! There was no way I could turn it down now. The TV images of the earthquake, the stories of friends and family who had previously run the marathon, and the ever increasing footage of horrors facing Syrian refugees and many other crises around the world flooded back and reminded me of what a great challenge it would be.

And so I started my training, of which further updates to this blog will be forthcoming in the next few days.

I would be enormously grateful for any contributions to my efforts, which can be made by clicking here. I am giving everything to this and now that I have the place am not going to waste it. For more information about where your money goes and what Oxfam does please click here.

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