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Finn’s Challenge Pt2

Hitting the half way point – 13 miles & counting!

I’m not a runner, as I said in part one, and initially, even running for one mile really hurt and left me breathless. The end of November and beginning of December led to gentle increases. My achilles tendon was initially very tender & sore and my knees, knackered from various skiing injuries in my 20s, really flared up and creaked at the amount of stress and weight being punched through them at every step.

Breathless and struggling to run 20 minutes has gradually eased by going out where possible three or four times a week in all weather, generally after dark, once the children have gone to bed. Hi-vis reflective gear has been embraced, together with a head torch, and running dark country lanes has become normal.

Weekend long runs have slowly evolved as well and I can regularly be found on a Saturday or Sunday morning, shuffling along against the gales between Minnis Bay and Reculver, or the other direction towards Margate. With no cars at all and tarmacked the whole way, this is the perfect spot to train.

As at the 6th February, I reached a new landmark of 13 miles – a half marathon – which has given me confidence that I am now making rapid progress. After the initial hurt, and lots of stretching I feel good. Although it was not fast, I ran consistently non-stop for 2 hours and 19 minutes, which I am pleased with.

The challenge of running however is only the half of it and as I look forward to spending more and more hours running in the lead up to race day itself, I am also aware of raising £2,000 that I have pledged for this cause.

I am very lucky that the whole team here at Macknade have truly gotten behind me. Having already raised £200 through a treasure hunt, we are hosting a fancy dress “Zumba night” for staff and other friends of Macknade on the 26th February at which we hope to raise a further £750.

Of course the team and I will be enormously grateful for any contributions, which can be made here. I already feel much better myself but more importantly however, I know that through the generosity of my sponsors, countless others that are suffering and in need of help around the world will suffer just that little bit less.

For more information about where your money goes and what Oxfam does please click here.

Thank you and I look forward to sharing further updates in the next couple of months.

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