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Celebrating British Sandwich Week with our favourite fillings…

There’s very few things in life that we enjoy as much as a sandwich… And in fact, if you’re reading this blog at lunchtime we bet you’re more than likely to be munching on one as we speak!

Sandwiches are a staple food for most Brits (and they’re also big business!) and getting the perfect filling is the key to our lunchtime happiness.

If you’ve found your way into a cheese & pickle rut (don’t worry, we’re not knocking the British institution!), here are a few of our team’s favourite sandwiches to give you some fresh inspiration…

Lucy (Store Manager): An open sarnie with our new jalapeño & cheddar bread, topped with ham, tomato, rocket and a small dollop of Stoke’s lemon mayo!

Beth (Deli): It’s got to be Afterburner, guacamole, Spinniata Piccante & rocket, toasted on sourdough bread.

Charlie (Café): The Italian Mozzarella sandwich in the Macknade Café – Mozzarella , sun blushed tomatoes, fresh tomatoes and a good helping of authentic Grand Padana and Pecorino Cheese Pesto! Lightly toasted on our multi-seed sourdough of course…

Laura (Office): I love smoked salmon, cream cheese & chives on sourdough bread. Simple and tasty!

Terri (Shop Floor): Roasted veg (whatever’s in the fridge!) and cream cheese on a thick white bloomer.

Ellie (Office): Another Macknade Café classic… New York Deli with plenty of pastrami, slices of dill pickled cucumbers, cheddar & dijon mustard.

Roy (Butchery): It has to be salt beef, lettuce & caper sauce.

Rosie (Office): I love so many different fillings, but my favourite is one suggested by Lloyd, who used to work on our deli. Porchetta & Brie de Campagne in a white, fluffy bloomer! I love the hint of fennel in the Porchetta.

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