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Magna Carta Conmarye

The joys of exploring medieval cookery!

In June 2015, with all the celebratory activities surrounding the signature of Magna Carta 800 years ago – and Faversham’s copy of 1300 in particular – there can be only one possible theme for this month’s blog: Medieval!

In one of my more facetious moments, I thought that I might suggest a dish of frogs legs served on a bed of julienned colourful vegetables – and to call it “Toads on a Tapestry” to coincide with the World Premiere of David Knott’s specially composed Magna Carta oratorio that will be performed in St Mary of Charity church on 6 June!  But my more serious self has prevailed!

Clause 41 of the Charter grants freedom to merchants to enter, leave, and travel within England for the purposes of trade. Of course, had Macknade Fine Foods been open in those far off days, the range of foodstuffs available to our ancestors would have been much wider; but there are still some surprises that can be found in recipe collections from the period.

You might think it unusual for coriander and caraway seeds to be found in a mediaeval kitchen store cupboard, but this recipe for “Cormarye” (roasted marinated pork) clearly shows that imported spices were enjoyed by at least the well-to-do or well-travelled.  This is an exceptionally easy recipe, so why not try it?

About Diane

Diane and her husband Robert run the Cookery Studio – a new & innovative cookery school in Badlesmere, just ten minute’s drive from Faversham. They run regular classes in a variety of cuisines & techniques (one of which we tried ourselves!) with an emphasis on provenance and responsibly sourced and seasonal foods. Find out more about the Cookery Studio here.

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